Moler's Camera, Inc.

Photographic and Video Services

We are Wichita's oldest family owned camera store, founded in 1946. We sell new and used photo equipment. We also offer an assortment of video transfer services, including VHS, Beta, Hi 8, and MiniDV tapes, as well as Regular 8, Super 8, and 16mm motion picture film. We restore old photos digitally and create slideshows from family slides. We can even print any digital file up to 44-inches wide by whatever length you require.
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We proudly use Dwayne’s Photo, located in Parsons, Kansas, for all of our film processing needs.

Founded in 1956, Dwayne’s Photo is just a few years younger than us, and is still independently owned and operated by the Steinle family.  With over 50 employees, Dwayne’s is one of the largest specialty labs in the United States.  You may have heard of them on the local news as having the distinction to have been the last lab in the world to process Kodak’s iconic Kodachrome film. Despite Kodachrome’s demise, Dwayne’s is still focused on the traditional values of quality craftsmanship and customer service, and there’s not a better lab in the region.

We will happily take care of packing and sending your film to them for processing, and their prices are really quite reasonable. However, keep in mind that there are shipping costs both ways, so try to bring us multiple rolls at a time to spread out the shipping fees. Their prices and services can be found on their website here.

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