Asahi Pentax S2
  • Asahi Pentax S2

    Shutter calibrated and working. New seals and bumper.


    Comes with Auto-Takumar 55mm f/2


    The S2/H2 was released in 1959, a year after the 'K'. The S2/H2's top shutter speed was reduced from the K's 1/1000s to just 1/500s, but there were a number of advancements. The S2/H2 was the first Pentax to use a single speed dial and the camera included a Fresnel focusing screen. Also, unlike the previous models the shutter speed dial did not rotate when the shutter fired. Another improvement was a small window on the top plate which would turn red when the shutter was cocked.
    During this period, Pentax traditionally released it's cameras within the North American market through a distributor. This was the first Pentax camera that the Heiland division of the Honeywell Corporation brought into North America, and the name 'H2' was presumably chosen for them. The camera was released as the S2 in other markets except South Africa where the camera was called 'Asahiflex H2' due to the name 'Pentax' being a trademark of another company.


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