ntended to be used with the D6, T6, or D9 1st Developers and the Cr6 "Color&Reversal" 2-in-1 Slide Solution. Cs6 "Creative Slide" 3-Bath Kits For color-timing chrome, reversal, and E-6 compatible film. “Bleaches&Fixer” Pre-Bleach&Blix Bath. Reusable Solution Clears 24+ Rolls of Reversal Film.

The Cs6 "Creative Slide" 3-Bath Process makes complicated chemistry simplified alchemy! The number of processing baths for E6 film is reduced from 6 to 3. The reversal step occurs during color development in a Color&Reversal bath, and the bleach and conditioner steps are combined with the fixing step in a Bleaches&Fixer bath. Color-timing is performed with alternative 1st Developers to achieve full creative control of your slides.


  • 3-in-1 conditioner, bleach and fixer bath
  • Reusable solution capacity of 24-36 rolls (135/120), 96+ sheets (4x5), or 200 feet (35mm) of film
  • Flexible temperature range of 75 -104°f (23-40°C)
  • 6min process time is minimum for completion
  • Low D-min for brighter whites and clean highlights
  • Image archivability for at least 80 years
  • Easily mixed 3-part liquid concentrate


  • Place 14 oz. (414 ml) of 140ºF (60ºC) water into a clean glass or plastic pitcher.
  • Use a clean plastic stir stick or the TCS-1000 to circulate the liquid.
  • While circulating, add the contents of the bottle marked "PART A".
  • Continue circulating, add the contents of the bottle marked "PART B".
  • Continue circulating, add the contents of the bottle marked "PART C".

Store mixed solution in a tightly capped storage container with air inside for 2-4 months. Aerate frequently. Oxidation encourages activity of bleaches. When film wont clear after 10 min retire chemistry and re-fix film.

Bleaches&Fixer Bath: Stock > 6-10min @ 75 -104°f (23-40°C)
This is a process-to-completion step. Time is minimum for completion.

Maintaining temperature is not essential beyond pouring in the 1st developer. When a temperature control bath is not available, simply preheat the 1st Developer +2ºF warmer, and the other baths will automatically process-to-completion as they cool down. Only the 1st developer is time and temperature critical because it controls contrast and color.