Canon AE-1 Program

Includes camera body and Canon 50mm f/1.8


Camera has new seals, bumper and we lubricated the shutter gear.



Released in 1981, the Canon AE-1 Program is an updated version of Canon's famously popular AE-1 camera from 1976.  The AE-1 Program has the same classic Canon design and capabilities as the original AE-1 but with some nice extra features.  Set to the eponymous 'Program' mode, the camera can automatically set both aperture and shutter speed so a user just has to focus and shoot.  Unlike it's predecessor, the AE-1 Program also accepts Canon's higher end Motor Drive MA and features user inter-changeable focusing screens.

Key Features

  • Classic manual focus 35mm film SLR
  • User changeable focusing screens
  • Center-weighted light metering pattern
  • ISO range: 12-3200 (extended lower range compared to AE-1)
  • Full manual controls
  • Shutter speed range 2 sec to 1/1000 plus B
  • AutoExposure modes: Shutter priority AE, Program AE
  • Exposure compensation
  • Dedicated hot shoe
  • 'PC socket' (flash synchronization terminal)
  • Flash sync at 1/60
  • Removable back
  • FD lens mount
  • Depth of field preview (also for stopped-down metering with non-FD lenses or non-auto bellow)

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