FPP 4x5 X-Ray Film

FPP 4x5 X-Ray Film


4x5 FPP BW Negative X-Ray Film - One box of 25 sheets
Outdoors / Sunlight: ISO 10
Indoor Strobe / Flash: ISO 5

Whether you’re new to 4x5 photography and concerned about cost or an experienced shooter wanting a unique look, the Film Photography Project has you covered with its new, affordable and easy-to-use 4x5 BW Negative X-ray Film!


It’s an Orthochromatic BW film with blue sensitivity that gives your photos a subtle glow and enables the film to be handled in red safe-light (so you can load and unload film onto your 4x5 home development reels or tray using our Jr Red Safe-light). Use daylight balanced light sources in artificial light to compensate for the lack of red sensitivity, a highly dilute developer and handle carefully to avoid scratches.

  • Suggested Speed outdoors: ISO 10 in sunlight
  • Suggested Speed using strobe / flash: ISO 5
  • Markings: Rounded corners and emulsion marking on long edge
  • Emulsion: Double-sided (recommended to notch/hole punch)
  • Sensitivity: Blue/Green (load in dark or red safelight only)
  • Reciprocity: up to 4 sec. as metered, +1 stop 8 sec. and above
  • Development: Use FPP D96 (stock solution 3.5 min @ 68 degrees F or 1:1 5 min @ 68 degrees F) or anything highly dilute like HC110 Dilution H, Rodinal, Caffenol, Pyrocat, and Diafine. Development time 3.5 min. at 68F/20C. 

The blue and green sensitivity enables the film to be handled in red safe-light and allows processing by inspection, meaning you can load and unload film onto your home development reels using our Jr Red Safe-light.