FPP Sonic 25
  • FPP Sonic 25

    Sonic25 35mm High Contrast / Fine Grain BW Film
    One Roll / iso 25 / 24 exposures / DX Coded

    This is an high contrast, fine grained Orthochromatic motion picture film for shooting in daylight or with daylight balanced lights.

    This unique, high contrast, extremely fine-grained blue sensitive film was manufactured for optical sound recording but will produce stunningly fine-grain images when using for pictoral images in your still camera. Expect high contrast and a slight glow and because it is an ortho film and not all tones will record the same as a normal panchromatic film.


    Sonic 25 is a great choice when shooting in daylight or with daylight balanced lights, delivering a unique tonal range that will render red light as darker giving a different look from traditional Panchromatic films.

    Due to its high contrast, a bounce card or fill-flash is recommended on portrait subjects.


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