HydroChrome Sutton's Panoramic Belair Camera
  • HydroChrome Sutton's Panoramic Belair Camera

    A 35 mm camera and liquid-filled lens that crafts extraordinary perforated panoramics. Go loopy with liquids, wild for the wetlook and crazy with colors! Set your imagination free and dive into an ocean of colorful chaos – craft panoptic shots complete with classic lomo vignetting, dreamy aesthetics, authentically analogue perforated edges, and sensational liquid solution effects – all on easy-to-use 35 mm film!


    • The world’s first 35 mm format panoramic camera with a liquid-filled lens
    • Unique experimental lens to step up your creativity and craft unexpected liquid effects
    • A fixed-focus lens with extra aperture plates for versatile renderings
    • Undeniably analogue aesthetic with lomo vignetting and perforated edges across panoramic shots
    • A fun introduction to experimental photography suitable for all creative spirits


    A Lens You Can Fill With (Almost) Any Liquid!
    Inspired by Thomas Sutton’s original liquid-filled lens, we have crafted a contemporary version of the unconventional original unlike any other on earth and what's more, YOU have ultimate creative control. You can manipulate the liquid through which the lens focuses, leading to a whole host of effects and deviations with which to intensify your shots. Check out the Liquid Guide for our top tips.

    Sprocket Holes
    Have you noticed Instagram's film border filters that mimic authentic analogue sprocket holes? Us too, and who can blame them, it's a great look! But instead of faking the effect, you can do it for real with the HydroChrome. Master this authentic analogue aesthetic with no digital trickery required!

    35 mm Panoramics
    Panoramas are almost as old as photography itself, with the first attempts appearing as early as 1839. Early panoramas were made by placing two or more daguerreotype plates (silver-coated copper plates) side-by-side. Jump forward 180 years to today, skipping a few pioneering iterations on the way, and you have in your hands, a fully-functioning 35 mm panoramic camera.


    Package Includes

    • HydroChrome Sutton’s Panoramic Belair Camera
    • Sutton Lens Module
    • Aperture & Shutter Module
    • Tube, Valve & Syringe
    • Four Interchangeable Aperture Plates
    • HydroChrome Sutton's Panoramic Belair Camera Book & Liquid Guide