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Kamerette Super Camera
  • Kamerette Super Camera

    The Kamerette is a simple box camera, made in Japan around 1930. It takes 3×5cm no-need-darkroom film sheets, and is sometimes described as a "yen-camera" because most of these cameras were sold for ¥1. The Kamerette has a single brilliant finder at the top, a fixed-focus lens, no diaphragm and Bulb exposure only. Many versions exist, and all are very similar to other box-shaped no-need-darkroom cameras.


    The Kamerette Junior No.1, Kamerette Junior No.4 and Camerette are very similar to each other. They have a nameplate attached to the body under the lens, respectively inscribed KAMERETTE JUNIOR NO.1, KAMERETTE JUNIOR NO.4 and CAMERETTE. The Camerette is very similar, with a CAMERETTE nameplate.


    The Kamerette Junior No.2 has a hexagonal plate around the shutter assembly, and has the words Kamerette and Junior No2 around the lens. The Super Camera is similar but has a SUPER CAMERA nameplate attached to the body under the lens, and no marking around the lens itself. It is very likely that the box-shaped Baby camera is a mere variant of the Kamerette, as a baby Camera was observed issued with an instruction sheet for a "Super Camera" -

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