Konica C35
  • Konica C35

    The Konica C35 was the first of a number of compact cameras that swept the marketplace in the early seventies. Cameras from other Japanese companies after 1970 (see photo at end) show its importance and influence. Its appeal to the general public was obvious from the start: it was a compact, light and simple to use camera with an excellent lens that was distinctly wider than average for the time and that took good photographs because it could be focused accurately. It was an outstanding sales success throughout the world.


    Konica C35 specifications

    • 38mm f2.8 four-element Hexanon lens - 46mm filter thread
    • Coupled rangefinder - baseline 12mm
    • CdS meter (19-27 DIN, 25-400 ASA)
    • Self timer
    • Closest focus - 1m, 3.3ft
    • Copal B mat programmed shutter
    • Combined aperture/shutter blades
    • Speeds 1/30 to 1/650
    • Lever wind, double-exposure prevention, resetting frame counter
    • Bright line finder
    • Needle indication of shutter speed and aperture visible on right hand side of viewfinder
    • Width 112mm (actual 120mm with strap lugs) Height - claimed 70mm (actual 75mm) - Depth 52mm
    • Weight 380g (13.4 oz)