Nikkormat FT w/ 50mm f/2
  • Nikkormat FT w/ 50mm f/2

    Nikkormat FT with Nikon 50mm f/2 lens and hood.


    The Nikomat/Nikkormat FTN Nippon Kōgaku was a successful and lauded iteration of the Nikomat/Nikkormat FT series. Introduced in 1967, the FTN is built on substantially the same chassis as the FT, but had center-weighted metering instead of whole-frame average metering, a shutter-speed display in the viewfinder, a few other minor changes, and, critically, a simplified process for mounting the lens. Nowhere on the body does the camera directly identify itself as an "FTN." The serial number begins with an "FT," probably continuous with the serial numbers of the FT, and there is a larger capital "N" nearby, adjacent to the external meter indicator. The "N" may stand for "new." At any rate, it seems the manufacturers viewed this camera as not a new model but an update.

    The Nikkormat series was the budget range of Nikon SLR's, aimed at those who could not afford the professional range (including the Nikon F). However, for several reasons, the Nikkormat achieved a significant following. For one thing, some professionals preferred the smaller, cheaper and simpler Nikkormats. For another, the camera has an extremely reliable metal-blade focal-plane shutter, based on the Copal Square, known for its high X-speed, durability and accuracy. In the eyes of some, this puts it ahead of the Nikon F technically, though this feature would be picked up in the professional range at a later date, and in fact the two lines would be folded together in the Nikon FE.


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