Nikon 200mm f/4 AI
  • Nikon 200mm f/4 AI

    Comes with box and packaging.


    The Nikon Micro-Nikkor AI-s 200 mm f/4.0 is a high quality, high performance telephoto lens that is ideal for use when engaging in general purpose and macro photography. This Nikon camera lens is compatible with both digital and film Nikon cameras. Equipped with nine straight blades, this telephoto camera lens is designed to be able to stop down at an f/32 aperture setting. The focus ring on the Nikon Micro-Nikkor AI-s 200 mm f/4.0 is easy to use allowing users to focus on the photography and less on manually setting the camera's focal length. The focus ring on this Nikon camera lens easily adjusts from a number of pre-set settings from infinity to 1:2 with a tiny push on the adjustable rubber ring. Images are instantly focused upon with the internal focusing feature on this telephoto camera lens. When taking general-purpose or macro photos, the Nikon Micro-Nikkor AI-s 200 mm f/4.0 allows users to capture contrast-rich, colorful and detailed photos.