Sirui AM-005 - Travel Tripod - Blue, Black, Red
  • Sirui AM-005 - Travel Tripod - Blue, Black, Red

    SIRUI LightLegs - Tripods with Ball Head
    Ultralight travel tripods for every purpose - small, lightweight, compact, stable, affordable
    The ultra-compact tripods of the SIRUI AM-0 series were specially developed as small and lightweight travel tripods. The legs can be swivelled 180° upwards and completely enclose the ball head. With the adjustable leg angles and rubber feet, the small tripods meet your requirements in any terrain.

    - Ultra-compact and lightweight travel tripod with aluminium ball head
    - Small pack size (34cm): legs can be folded 180° upwards
    - Telescopic center column: extendable and removable
    - Level bubble for ideal alignment
    - Snap hook for transport and loading
    - Two foam rubber handles withstand all temperatures, whether cold or hot
    - AM-005 aluminum in three colors (black, blue, red) and AM-025 in carbon available

    Extremely small Pack Size
    Packed together, the All-Round tripods are just 34 cm tall and fit in any pocket.

    Perfect Alignment
    Thanks to the integrated spirit level and the adjustable leg angles, the tripod can be perfectly aligned.

    Comfortable Ball Head
    360° panoramic rotation, safety lock for securing and Arca Swiss compatible clamping device.

    At all Heights
    The demountable and height-adjustable center column and the leg adjustment can give your photography a wide variety of perspectives.


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