Sirui W-1004 Waterproof Tripod
  • Sirui W-1004 Waterproof Tripod

    The W Series is an outdoor tripod specially designed for shooting in extreme environmental conditions including directly in water, dirt or sand. Its SIRUI specific leg lock components seal the legs to eliminate gaps and prevent water, dust or small particles from entering the legs or locking mechanism. It's the perfect partner for all of your photography regardless of the elements!

    •  Split Center Column
    •  Reversible Center Column
    •  Interchangeable Rubber and Stainless Steel Spike Feet
    •  Compact 180° Folding Legs
    •  Easily Converted to a Monopod
    •  Compact 180° Folding Legs
    •  Waterproof & Dustproof Twist Leg Locks


    Model: W-1004
    Material: Aluminum
    Sections: 4
    Tube Max Dia: 25.8mm/1.0inch
    Tube Min Dia: 15.0mm/0.6inch
    Min Hgt: 145mm/5.7inch
    Max Hgt: 1360mm/53.5inch
    Max Hgt Ext.: 1650mm/65.0inch
    Retracted Height: 530mm/20.9inch
    Folded Height: 490mm/19.3inch
    Monopod Max Height: 1620mm/63.8inch
    Monopod Min Height: 440mm/17.3inch
    Weight: 1.7kg/3.7lb
    Load: 15kg/33.1lb


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