Zuma LED 100 - 20,000 Lumens Dual Light Kit

Zuma LED 100 - 20,000 Lumens Dual Light Kit

SKU: Z-LED100KIT-36-2-S


Portable still or video kit!
This kit features the latest technology LEDs using the “single
chip.” Uses a 100 Watt single chip.
The high quality lights have a CRI of 95, and color temperature of
5500° K, and each light has a built-in dimmer. In addition the
built-in fans are very quiet.
Included with each light is a reflector which uses a Bowens style
mount. Accessories can include any light modifiers which fit the
Bowens mount. The reflector has a hole to accept umbrellas.

Deluxe 20,000 Lumens Dual Light Kit

2 - Z-LED100 LED Lights with Reflectors and Power Cords
2 - 8 ft Light Stands
1 - 36 inch Silver Umbrellas
1 - 24x36 inch Softbox
1 - Kit Bag


This kit includes 1 umbrella and 1 softbox